The Hugo Klik Seal

Protecting our posters from copyists is something we have looked at. We came up with what we call the Bali Cross. It is in fact the Buddhist cross and one of the oldest works of art we could find. It’s believed to be over 5000 years old and its mirror image is the cross used by the Hindu community.

Each of our limited-edition range will have this seal along with a certificate of authenticity, the issue number out of 49, and Hugo’s special signature.
There are 21 of us and many of us have been to Bali, Indonesia. It’s a magical place and definitely one for your bucket list. We designed the seal with the gold cross depicting the Island of Bali, the diamonds, its beaches, the London blue sapphires and the warm tropical seas that gently kiss it every day.

We hope you enjoy our art and hope our passion comes through.